Ebook - Child Development: Understanding A Cultural Perspective (P.D.F)

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Every child is born into a community, a society with a culture, in which he or she will live, grow and develop. Cultures lead to differences in childrens development, but equally important,culture is an essential component of every childs psychological development. Child Development takes a chronological approach, from prenatal development to adolescence, in which social, cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of development are interwoven. Martin Packer integrates cross-cultural examples from different parts of the world to illustrate howculture plays a constitutive role in childrens development. This book includes an in-depth discussion of human evolution, the history of language and the human lifespan, as well as the theoretical perspectives of scientific research on childrens development. This textbook is essential reading for undergraduate students taking an introductory course in child developmentor developmental psychology. Find out more about the book from the author by watching this video: u003chttps://youtu.be/9PHPcAL8D7su003e Additional ISBNs: 9781473993372, 1473993377,9781526413093, 1526413094
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