Ebook - Comparative, International, and Global Justice: Perspectives from Criminology and Criminal Justice (P.D.F)

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Comparative, International and Global Justice: Perspectives from Criminology and Criminal Justicepresents and critically assesses a wide range of topics relevant to criminology, criminal justice and global justice.The text is divided into three parts: comparative criminal justice, international criminology, and transnational and global criminology. Within each field are located specific topics which the authors regard as contemporary and highly relevant and that will assist students in gaining a fuller appreciation of global justice issues. Authors Cyndi Banks and James Bakeraddress these complex global issues using a scholarly but accessible approach, often using detailed case studies. The discussion of each topic is a comprehensive contextualized account that explains the social context in which law and crime exist and engages with questions of explanation or interpretation. The authors challenge students to gain knowledge of international and comparative criminal justice issues and think about them in a critical manner.It has become difficult to ignore the global and international dimensions of criminal justice and criminology and this text aims to enhance criminal justice education by focusing on some of the issues engaging criminology worldwide, and to prepare students for a future where fields of study like transnational crime are unexceptional. Additional ISBNs: 9781483332383, 1483332381,9781506337289, 1506337287
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