Ebook - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science (P.D.F)

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Written exclusively with computer science students in mind,u0026#8239;u003ciu003eDiscrete Mathematics for Computer Scienceu003c/iu003e provides a comprehensive treatment of standard course topics for the introductory discrete mathematics course with a strong emphasis on the relationship between the concepts and their application to computer science. The book has been crafted to enhance teaching and learning ease and includes a wide selection of exercises,u0026#8239;detailed exploration problems, examples and problems inspired by wide-ranging applications of computer science and handy quick reference guides for key technical topics throughout. u003ciu003eDiscrete Mathematics for Computer Scienceu003c/iu003eu0026#8239; provides a lucidly written introduction to discrete mathematics with abundant support for learning, including over 450 examples, thorough chapter summaries, simple quizzes, and approximately 1600 homework exercises of widely varying difficulty.u003cpu003eEach chapteru0026#8239; begins with motivational content that relates the chapter topic to computer science practice and the book also includes over fifty Additional ISBNs: 9781118065532, 1118065530,9781119397120, 111939712X
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