Ebook - Essential Rainwater Harvesting: A Guide to Home-Scale System Design (Sustainable Building Essentials Series) (P.D.F)

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u003culu003eu003cliu003e This book is part of the Sustainable Building Essentials Series u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e The authors are co-owners of Verge Permaculture and Adaptive Habitat u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e Both authors are professional engineers u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e They have spent 5 years designing, installing and teaching about rainwater harvesting u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e They have converted their suburban (Calgary) house into a permaculture project complete with front-yard food forest, water-harvesting systems, passive solar greenhouse, and energy retrofits u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e As climate change continues to alter livable environments, the need to collect and control rainwater when it happens will become more and more important u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e This book covers the nuts and bolts of rainwater harvesting systems for both warm and cold climates u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e It covers system planning, gutters, downspouts, tank, and pump design u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e Rainwater harvesting represents one of the largest new business opportunities for the next decade u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e US and Canada are developing a joint North American Rainwater Harvesting Standard u003c/liu003eu003cliu003e Authors blog at vergepermaculture.c/blog-2/ u003c/liu003eu003cliu003eu003cbu003e Intended Audience u003c/bu003e : DIYers, homesteaders, engineers, architects, plumbers, roofers and gutter installation professionals, building exterior tradespeople, municipalities, landscapers, septic installers, plumbers u003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003eu003cpu003eu003cbu003e International: u003c/bu003e The authors were interns at Nordic Folkcentre for Renewable Energy in Denmark and studied permaculture in Canada, the US, and Australia u003c/pu003e Additional ISBNs: 9781771422628, 1771422629
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