Ebook - Intelligent M & A: Navigating the Mergers and Acquisitions Minefield  (P.D.F)

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Almost 70% of mergers fail, yet deals are essential for growing world-class companies. Therefore they must use all the tools and techniques at their disposal to improve their chances of success. Applying the techniques advocated in this book can help managersbeat the odds – and employees themselves – to have an impact on whether a deal will be successful both for the company and for themselves.This book looks at the process of a merger or acquisition and pinpoints the areas where business intelligence can raise the odds of success in each phase of the deal. Using techniques developed by governmental intelligence services and a wide range of recent case studies, quotations and anecdotes, the expert authors from the renowned Cass Business School show how to build success into any M dramatically failed acquisition of ABN AMRO as a key example), and the global economic downturn that led to a completely new way of operating for many industries and companies.Therefore, there is a need to update the book to incorporate not just more relevant and up-to-date case studies of deals but to show the new way of operating in a post-Lehman environment. Chapters will be comprehensively re-written and populated with new and relevant case studies. Additional ISBNs: 9781118764237, 1118764234,9781118764206, 111876420X
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