Ebook - Leading with Strategic Thinking: Four Ways Effective Leaders Gain Insight, Drive Change, and Get Results (P.D.F)

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Increasing complexity throughout the world and withinorganizations raises new challenges for leaders charged withforming and executing strategy. The most effective leadersaddress this complexity in a way that consciously integratesenvironmental requirements, stakeholder expectations and personalability. Rather than providing a formulaicone-size-fits-all approach to strategic management,Leading With Strategic Thinking defines four types ofstrategic leadership.The Futuristdriving strategy through personalvisionThe Directordriving strategy through a structuredprocessThe Opportunistdriving strategy through networking andco-creationThe Incubatordriving strategy through empoweringothersLeading With Strategic Thinking is useful and practical,focusing on the multitude of factors contributing to an effectivestrategic planning and the enablers of successful execution. Thebook provides actionable guidelines, in the form of checklists andtemplates, as well as examples and case studies, and referencematerials to help readers further explore this important topic. Additional ISBNs:9781118968154, 1118968158,9781118968161, 1118968166
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