Ebook - Learning DSM-5 by Case Example (P.D.F)

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u003cPu003eWith at least one case presentation for each of the mental disorders catalogued in DSM-5 — and multiple cases for nearly half of the disorders — Learning DSM-5 by Case Example has been meticulously designed to aid practitioners and students of all levels in psychology, psychiatry, social work, counseling, and psychiatric nursing develop internalized prototypes of DSM-5 disorders by first describing each disorder in relatable terms and subsequently illustrating how these symptom constellations manifest in real-life settings using clinical case material.u003c/Pu003eu003cPu003eThe nearly 200 cases featured in this guide are drawn from the clinical experience of well over 100 clinicians, many of whom are well-known experts in particular areas of diagnosis and treatment. Sensitive to the fact that one of the hallmarks of mental disorders is the wide range of presentations that are encountered in a real-world setting, many of the disorders described include multiple cases that vary in symptom presentation, gender, age, clinical course, associated impairment in psychosocial functioning, and developmental factors, thus giving readers an appreciation for the heterogeneity typical of these disorders. Each case is complemented by a discussion that elaborates the ways in which the case conforms to the DSM-5 prototype or highlights those features of the case that illustrate the heterogeneity.u003c/Pu003eu003cPu003eWith definitions of potentially unfamiliar medical and psychiatric terms, Learning DSM-5 by Case Example is an accessible resource for readers of all disciplines. And because it guides the reader through the organizational structure of DSM-5, it is also an ideal reference for courses on psychopathology or abnormal psychology.u003c/Pu003e Additional ISBNs: 9781615370160, 1615370161,9781615371181, 1615371184
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