Ebook - Reading and Understanding the Bible  (P.D.F)

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With his usual flair and reader-friendly style, Ben Witherington III brings us a fresh and distinctive guide to interpreting the Bible. Ideal for courses in Biblical Interpretation, Hermeneutics, and Introduction to the Bible, u003cemu003eReading and Understanding the Bibleu003c/emu003e is unique in that it carefully examines the various genres of literature in the Bible while also explaining how to interpret each within its proper context. Taking a faith-friendly approach to historically based interpretation, it shows students how to read the Bible with a keen awareness of the many and profound differences between the modern world and ancient biblical cultures. It explains how ancient societies worked, how documents were created, who preserved them and why, the patriarchal nature of all ancient cultures, and, most importantly, how these cultural characteristics should affect our reading of the Bible.nnu003cstrongu003eFEATURESu003c/strongu003enn* An exceptionally lucid and dynamic writing style, an eight-page color-photo insert, and helpful maps and charts keep students engagednn* Sample contextual interpretations of biblical passages illustrate foundational hermeneutical principlesnn* A comprehensive glossary and suggested further readings offer students additional support Additional ISBNs: 9780199340576, 0199340579,9780199340583, 0199340587
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