Ebook - Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals  (P.D.F)

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The criminal justice process is dependent on accurate documentation. Criminal justice professionals can spend 5075 percent of their time writing administrative and research reports. The information provided in these reports is crucial to the functioning of our system of justice. Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals, Sixth Edition, provides practical guidancewith specific writing samples and guidelinesfor providing strong reports. Most law enforcement, security, corrections, and probation and parole officers have not had adequate training in how to provide well-written, accurate, brief, and complete reports. Report Writing for Criminal Justice Professionals covers everything officers need to learnfrom basic English grammar to the difficult but often-ignored problem of creating documentation that will hold up in court. This new edition includes updates to reference materials and citations, as well as further supporting examples and new procedures in digital and electronic report writing. Additional ISBNs: 9781138288928, 1138288926,9781351973465, 1351973460
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