Ebook - Revel for Essential Elements for Effectiveness for Miami Dade College -- Access Card  (P.D.F)

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Positive Psychology is the study of the healthy aspects of human functioning that makes us effective in our livesthe study of mental health as opposed to mental illness.Essential Elements of Effectiveness, 7th Editionis an applied, positive psychology primer that provides a roadmapa step-by-step, building-block approach to developing the key attitudes, behaviors, and habits students need to flourish. Content is organized into three sections, recognizing the fact that optimal functioning occurs within three broad domains: (1) personal life, (2) interpersonal relationships, and (3) work life. Section One: Personal Effectivenessaddresses how we adopt effective mindsets, balance our self-esteem, and motivate ourselves.Section Two: Interpersonal Effectivenessfocuses on the development of key attitudes, behaviors, and habits that foster healthy interpersonal relationships.Section Three: Occupational Effectivenessexplores how to decide a career path, how to look for and secure a job, and most importantly, how to keep a job. Additional ISBNs: 9780135183359, 0135183359,9780135199282, 013519928X
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