Ebook - Risk Adjustment Documentation & Coding (P.D.F)

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Risk-adjustment practices consider chronic diseases as predictors of future healthcare needs and expenses. Correct and detailed documentation and compliant diagnosis coding are critical for proper risk adjustment.nRisk Adjustment Documentation u0026 Coding provides:n Risk-adjustment parameters to improve documentation related to severity of illness and chronic diseases.n Code abstraction guidelines and best practices recommendations to improve diagnostic coding accuracy withoutncausing financial harm to the practice or health facility.nThe impact of risk-adjustment codingalso called hierarchical condition category (HCC) codingon a practice should not be underestimated:n More than 75 million Americans are enrolled in risk-adjusted insurance plans. This population represents more than 20% of those insured in the United States.n Insurance risk pools under the Affordable Care Act include risk adjustment.n CMS has proposed expanding audits on risk-adjustment coding.nMeticulous diagnostic documentation and coding is key to accurate risk-adjustment reporting.n Additional ISBNs: 9781622027330, 1622027337,9781622027347, 1622027345
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