Ebook - Teaching Skills For Dummies (P.D.F)

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Being a good teacher is a difficult goal to achieve, being largely dependent on a huge variety of skills outside of the main curriculum. Teaching Skills For Dummies focuses on these soft skills of teaching, from maintaining discipline and offering pastoral support to creating engaging lesson plans and monitoring performance. This essential guide promises to help teachers gain the respect of their pupils, manage potential confrontations, and ultimately get the best out of both their careers and their students. Teaching Skills For Dummies includes: Developing Your Teaching StyleBuilding Your Teaching SkillsUnderstanding Teaching Stylesand Developing One That Works for YouMaking the Most of Your Communication Skills Teaching a ClassPreparing and Teaching High Quality LessonsGetting (and Keeping) a Class EngagedGetting the Most out of Your Students Managing a ClassStructuring Your Teaching and Your Teaching SpaceBuilding Better BehaviourCreating a Positive Classroom AtmosphereHandling Challenging Situations Dealing with Different Kinds of PeopleGetting to Know your StudentsWorking as Part of a TeamBuilding Bonds with Parents Succeeding Beyond the ClassroomClimbing the Paper MountainGetting Involved in Extra Curricular ActivitiesEvaluating and Furthering Your Teaching Skills The Part of TensTen Great Ways to Engage with a GroupTen Key Strategies for Handling Difficult BehaviourTen Top Tips for Dealing with StressTen Best Resources for Teachers and Trainers Additional ISBNs:9780470740842, 0470740841,9781119996682, 1119996686
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