Ebook - The Art of Leadership (P.D.F)

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The Art of Leadership 6th edition is based on two ideas: u0026nbsp;1. u0026nbsp;Leadership will take place to the extent the leader cares about the work to be done. u0026nbsp;Equally important the leader must care about people. u0026nbsp;Neither of these qualities is sufficient without the other and neither can be false. u0026nbsp;People know when the leader cares. u0026nbsp;When the leader is committed to the task and is concerned about people these qualities serve as magnets and motivators to followers and their potential for achievement becomes enormous.2. u0026nbsp;Leadership is an art that can be developed through mastery of nine key areas of success. u0026nbsp;The successful leader must possess knowledge and skills in the following areas: u0026nbsp;understanding leadership variables the power of vision the importance of ethics the empowerment of people leadership principles understanding people multiplying effectiveness developing others and performance management.u0026nbsp;The difference between most other leadership texts and the Art of Leadership 6th edition can be compared to the difference between a lecture and seminar. u0026nbsp;Although both are good educational vehicles the lecture is better for conveying large amounts of information while the seminar is better for developing skills and attitudes. u0026nbsp;A good lecture is interesting and builds knowledge while a good seminar is stimulating and builds competency. u0026nbsp;Without sacrificing either theoretical foundation or important content the 6th edition of The Art of Leadership emphasizes the interactive seminar approach to learning.u0026nbsp; Additional ISBNs:9781259847981, 1259847985,9781260140439, 1260140431
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