Ebook - The Italian Antimafia, New Media, and the Culture of Legality (Toronto Italian Studies)  (P.D.F)

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u003cPu003eThe past two decades have witnessed increasing opposition to mafia influence and activities in Italy. Community organizations such as Libera, founded in 1995, and Addiopizzo, originating in 2004, exemplify how Italian society has tried to come together to promote antimafia activities. The societal opposition to mafia influence continues to grow and the Internet has become a frontline in the battle between the two groups.u003c/Pu003e u003cPu003eu003cIu003eThe Italian Antimafia, New Media, and the Culture of Legalityu003c/Iu003e is the first book to examine the online battles between the mafia and its growing cohort of opponents. While the mafias supporters have used Internet technologies to expand its power, profits, and violence, antimafia citizens employ the same technologies to recreate Italian civil society. The contributors to this volume are experts in diverse fields and offer interdisciplinary studies of antimafia activism and legality in online journalism, Twitter, YouTube, digital storytelling, blogs, music, and photography. These examinations enable readers to understand the grassroots Italian cultural revolution, which makes individuals responsible for promoting justice, freedom, and dignity.u003c/Pu003e Additional ISBNs: 9781487520786, 1487520786,9781487512491, 148751249X
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