Ebook - The Moody Handbook of Theology  (P.D.F)

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u003cDIVu003eu003cIu003eu003cPu003eu003c/Iu003eu003cBu003eThe study of God, His nature, and His Word are all essentialto the Christian faith. Now those interested in Christian theology have a newlyrevised and updated reference tool in the 25th Anniversary Edition of u003cIu003eThe MoodyHandbook of Theologyu003c/Iu003e.u003c/Bu003eu003c/Pu003eu003cPu003eIn this classic and timeless one-volume resource,Paul Enns offers a comprehensive overview of the five dimensions of theology: u003cIu003ebiblical,systematic, historical, dogmatic, u003c/Iu003eandu003cIu003e contemporaryu003c/Iu003e. Each section includesan introduction, chapters on key points, specific studies pertinent to that theology,books for further study, and summary evaluations of each dimension. Charts, graphs,glossary, and indexes add depth and breadth. u003c/Pu003eu003cPu003eTheology, once the domain ofacademicians and learned pastors, is now accessible to anyone interested in understandingthe essentials of what Christians believe. u003cIu003eThe Moody Handbook of Theologyu003c/Iu003eis a concise doctrinal reference tool for newcomers and seasoned veterans alike.u003c/Pu003eu003c/DIVu003e Additional ISBNs: 9780802411983, 0802411983,9780802491152, 0802491154
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