Ebook - Think Like an Option Trader: How to Profit by Moving from Stocks to Options (P.D.F)

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THE SECRET TO PROFITING FROM OPTIONS: THINK LIKE A PROFESSIONAL OPTION TRADER, NOT A STOCK TRADER! Understand the unique dynamics of options trades and markets Practical, concise insights based on actual option trading scenarios Master trade selection, risk management, and more By professional options trader Michael Benklifa, best-selling author of Profiting with Iron Condor Options Want to win in options? You must think like a professional option trader. Step #1: Get rid of the habits you learned in stock trading: theyre killing you! Step #2: Understand the real dynamics of options markets: they are radically, fundamentally different. Example: When stock traders look at price, they see information. Option traders see probability, time, and volatility. Example: Stock trading is about having an information advantage. Option trading can be about exploiting a lack of information. Example: Stocks either go up or they dont. Option trades can be structured for a 90% probability of success. With dynamics like these, option trading is like nothing else. Through practical, simple examples, Michael Benklifa will help you understand whats really going on hereso you can consistently build trades that earn profits and control risk! Additional ISBNs: 9780133065305, 0133065308,9780133065374, 0133065375
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