Ebook - You Failed Your Math Test, Comrade Einstein: Adventures And Misadventures Of Young Mathematicians (P.D.F)

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u003cpu003eThis groundbreaking work features two essays written by the renowned mathematician Ilan Vardi. The first essay presents a thorough analysis of contrived problems suggested to u0026#x201C;undesirableu0026#x201D; applicants to the Department of Mathematics of Moscow University. His second essay gives an in-depth discussion of solutions to the Year 2000 International Mathematical Olympiad, with emphasis on the comparison of the olympiad problems to those given at the Moscow University entrance examinations.u003c/pu003eu003cpu003eThe second part of the book provides a historical background of a unique phenomenon in mathematics, which flourished in the 1970su0026#x2013;80s in the USSR. Specially designed math problems were used not to test studentsu0026#x27; ingenuity and creativity but, rather, as u0026#x201C;killer problems,u0026#x201D; to deny access to higher education to u0026#x201C;undesirableu0026#x201D; applicants. The focus of this part is the 1980 essay, u0026#x201C;Intellectual Genocideu0026#x201D;, written by B Kanevsky and V Senderov. It is being published for the first time. Also featured is a little-known page of the Soviet history, a rare example of the oppressed organizing to defend their dignity. This is the story of the so-called Jewish Peopleu0026#x27;s University, the inception of which is associated with Kanevsky, Senderov and Bella Subbotovskaya.u003c/pu003eu003cbu003eContents:u003c/bu003eu003culu003eu003cliu003eMekh-Mat Entrance Examinations Problems u003ciu003e(I Vardi)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eSolutions to the Year 2000 International Mathematical Olympiad u003ciu003e(I Vardi)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eMy Role as an Outsider, Ilan Vardiu0026#x27;s Epilogue u003ciu003e(I Vardi)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eIntellectual Genocide u003ciu003e(B Kanevsky u0026#x26; V Senderov)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eRemarks u003ciu003e(I Vardi)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eScience and Totalitarianism u003ciu003e(A Vershik)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eAdmission to the Mathematics Departments in Russia in the 1970u0026#x27;s and 1980s u003ciu003e(A Vershik)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eEntrance Examination to the Mekh-Mat u003ciu003e(A Shen)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eFree Education at the Highest Price u003ciu003e(K Tylevich)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eJewish University u003ciu003e(D Fuchs)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eRemembering Bella Abramovna u003ciu003e(A Zelevinsky)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003cliu003eBella Abramovna Subbotovskaya u003ciu003e(I Muchnik)u003c/iu003eu003c/liu003eu003c/ulu003eu003cbru003eu003cbu003eReadership:u003c/bu003e High school and college mathematics and physics teachers, readers interested in recreational mathematics, and sociologists.u003cbru003e Additional ISBNs: 9789812562791, 9812562796,9789814338141, 9814338141
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